Verenia CPQ for M2M Manufacturing Software Webinar Registration

June 13, 2018 • 1 PM CDT

What is Verenia CPQ for M2M Manufacturing Software?


Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software helps companies accurately define the price of goods, taking into account a large, changing number of variables.

Verenia CPQ for M2M Manufacturing Software is a cloud-based, product configurator & Configure Price Quote software, which allows access for all your sales channels to login, configure, price and quote your products and solutions from any device, anywhere at anytime via the cloud.

CPQ software empowers companies to configure products and services in the optimal manner and price them accordingly, taking into account costs, competition, and local factors – and then produce a quote with consideration towards all pricing factors.

In addition, CPQ software enables companies to manage pricing, identify upsell opportunities, track competition, and communicate up-to-date pricing to salespeople – which leads to faster sales cycles, more accurate pricing, faster order preparation, streamlined workflow and fewer errors.

Why Attend the Verenia CPQ for M2M Manufacturing Software Webinar


PeopleSense has teamed with Verenia to help M2M Manufacturing Software users that sell complex products and services to sell easier and sell more through their dealers and extended sales channels.

Verenia CPQ has unmatched guided selling, configuration, pricing, quoting and order capabilities, and provides dealers, distributors, inside and outside sales reps, and sales and marketing leadership instant access to knowledge-based sales tools.

In addition, Verenia CPQ is a natural sales portal, allowing role-based access for multiple user types.

At the webinar, you will learn how you can sell smarter, faster – and harness the intelligence to see your entire pipeline across all sales channels.

Attend the Webinar and Learn How to:


  • Put expert information at the fingertips of your dealers and sales reps so they can sell faster
  • Make it simple for customers to buy
  • Simplify complexity and drive dealer sales
  • Build a better relationship with your dealers
  • Eliminate errors on quotes and orders
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Create a stronger brand
  • Increase quote volume up to 400%
  • Integrate and/or generate BOM structures / CAD – and ultimately Manufacturing
  • See how Verenia CPQ was implemented and integrated at one company


  • June 13, 2018
  • 1 PM CDT
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