Reasons to Adopt Intuitive ERP 8.7


Move on up!

Companies of all kinds benefit from new reporting functionality focused on ease of use for both front-end and back-end operations—sales and advanced financials—as well as dynamic integration with uniPoint quality management software. uniPoint quality assessments of tools and equipment, documents, customer service processes and more are built into Intuitive ERP 8.7. You can eliminate your manual forms and rely on accurate log files and data banks, making your day-to-day business more efficient.

For companies that operate on demand—engineering, configuring and/or manufacturing their products to order—version 8.7 borrows the specificity and niche knowledge employed in Aptean's Made2Manage ERP solution. The latest upgrade of Intuitive ERP includes enhancements for the make-to-order crowd.

Aptean listened to input from Intuitive ERP resellers and end users, and in version 8.7 rolls out a number of other enhancements and improvements that increase the value of your ERP system, increasing the ROI of the system at the same time.

Other reasons to upgrade to the Intuitive 8.7 include:

  • New Intuitive Reporting - Access Is Gone!
  • Excellent Make-To-Order Enhancements
  • Dynamic Integration into the UniPoint Quality System
  • Many Other Fixes and Enhancements
  • Increasing the Value of Your System as a Result of Implementing the Latest Version of Intuitive ERP

PeopleSense ERP offers 2 tiers of upgrade services, and our consultants are ready to assist you, whether you choose to:

  • Upgrade to Intuitive ERP 8.7 in a basic way, to simply get up and running on the new version, or
  • Upgrade with greater support that first deploys the upgrade then assists you in report conversion and with additional training

We offer reasonable plans for moving you to the newest version of Intuitive ERP and will work with your specific business requirements, managing the project to ensure seamless and smooth results that enable you to succeed quickly and efficiently. You choose the tier that’s right for you.

Our consultants have more than 50 years of combined product knowledge and upgrade support experience, and PeopleSense technicians can review your systems with expertise. They are actual architects of ERP solutions.

For further information about upgrading to Intuitive ERP 8.7 with PeopleSense, please see our Intuitive ERP Upgrade Data Sheet.


If you have questions, or if you want to schedule your upgrade, please contact an Intuitive ERP consulting manager.