Get Your SugarCRM and M2M / Intuitive Manufacturing Software Working Seamlessly with PeopleSense and StarfishETL


Last week, your employee George got a call from a customer who wanted to know why she’d been charged $90 more than she expected. To track down the issue, George first logged in to your Intuitive manufacturing softwarew, so he could verify the quote and transaction amounts. They matched.

“According to my system, our salesperson quoted you $190 and that was what the transaction total was,” he reported.

“No! That’s not correct!” said the customer (whose name is Linda). “I just told you – it should have been $100 even and your company charged me $90 more! That’s almost double! What’s going on?”

“Give me a minute, ma’am,” George replied politely while he logged in to your SugarCRM system to verify the quote. Sure enough, the quote in SugarCRM was $90 lower than the charge.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” George said. “It looks like the error was entirely our fault. We did indeed quote you at $100, and it looks like someone entered $190 by mistake into the ERP system. I’ll refund you the difference right away.”

“Refund the whole thing and initiate a return,” Linda responded, her voice rising. “And delete my credit card from your database too! I don’t want to have to deal with any other mysterious charges from your company!”

Later, George saw that Linda had posted on Twitter about the interaction, “Never trust a company that can’t do math – and these fools can’t! Good luck getting charged what they quote you!”

This week sales have been down, and George has been wondering if it has anything to do with that tweet.

There’s an easy way your company can avoid making mistakes like these. Attend the PeopleSense webinar on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, to find out more. Register here.

The Secret to Banishing Data-Entry Errors Is to Integrate SugarCRM with M2M / Intuitive Manufacturing Software

Many companies run their CRM and ERP systems separately because they worry that the integration process between the two solutions will be expensive and time consuming. In the past, when the only option to connect SugarCRM with M2M / or Intuitive manufacturing software was to develop a custom integration link, this was probably true. But the CRM integration experts at StarfishETL have now developed a fast, easy way to connect your most critical business tools together.

The StarfishETL integration for M2M / Intuitive manufacturing software is unique in that it relies on high-performance ETL data sharing, also known as “Extract, Transform, Load.” ETL is the modern method for seamlessly sharing data from one or more original sources (such as a CRM and social media accounts) with a destination system (such as an ERP), enabling users to view and interact with the data on a single platform. This simplifies data management, speeds productivity, and increases sales and customer service opportunities to promote business growth.

Now that StarfishETL has perfected the SugarCRM integration tool, they’re working hard at bringing a wide range of CRM integrations to M2M and Intuitive manufacturing software customers, so if you’re using something besides Sugar to manage client relationships, request your integration here!

Learn More at the Webinar on CRM and ERP Integration

Attend the webinar on August 21 to find out more about the all-new SugarCRM integration tool for M2M  / Intuitive manufacturing software and find out how easy it can be to:

  • Prevent data-entry errors
  • Track changes and updates
  • Automate critical tasks
  • Log data for easy review

Discover how you can increase transparency and efficiency across all departments of your manufacturing business with secure, streamlined, and easy-to-use integration between your ERP and your CRM.


Register to hold your spot at the SugarCRM and M2M / Intuitive manufacturing software integration webinar, happening August 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. We look forward to seeing you there!