Our Technical Consultants each have a minimum of 15 years of experience working with Made2Manage (M2M) and Intuitive ERP - and have performed innumerable system and platform upgrades for customers over the last two decades.

Test / Sandbox Upgrade

Most seasoned IT professionals prefer to perform a test installation that is away from the production environment as a first step in an ERP system upgrade. We can perform the test upgrade on-site or in some cases remotely, but usually the most efficient way to perform a test upgrade is to send a “Test PC” with a snapshot of your M2M or Intuitive data to our Test Upgrade facility.

Upon receipt of your computer and/or data, our Technical Consultant will perform the test upgrade and return the computer and/or data back to you along with a list of required activities to be completed by your team prior to the live upgrade. This whole process usually takes about a week depending on shipping.

Our Technical Consultant will also discuss your current hardware configurations and will help you determine if any new hardware will be required prior to your live conversion. If necessary we can review any customizations you currently have as well as custom/modified reports and help you determine which of these are still used/needed and will require modifications.

Made2Manage M2M ERP Test Sandbox Upgrade

Live On-Site Upgrade

After proper hardware is installed and attached to your network, your SQL licenses are in place, and all the prep work required for the upgrade is complete, then the next step is the a Live Production Upgrade.

This upgrade process usually takes between one and two days on-site depending on the size of your database and number of PC’s that need to be upgraded.The process can be expedited if assisted by your knowledgeable staff, and we don’t run into unforeseen roadblocks.

Post Upgrade Training

With a major upgrade of your ERP system, training on the new functionality is often necessary. Our Business Process Consultants are available to help with this training, so your staff has the knowledge they need to be productive and efficient with the new software functionality.

Made2Manage M2M ERP Live Upgrade

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