So what’s new in the Made2Manage (M2M) world?


Well, recently Aptean announced the release of their latest version M2M 7.5.

What’s new in Made2Manage 7.5?

The biggest news is that Aptean has completely moved M2M to Microsoft .NET technology as well as Microsoft SQL Reporting Services as its reporting engine.

So why is this a big deal for a Made2Manage customer like you?

The biggest benefit is that .NET customization tools make it easy to customize and tailor M2M to your company’s overall business processes.

It also means that Made2Manage is on a platform that will be around a while, which helps ensure the longevity of the product and makes future upgrades more seamless for you.

Other new capabilities and functionality include:

  • Shop Floor Manager and Planning & Scheduling: Redeployed on Microsoft .NET technology in the M2M Framework, allowing for consistent user interface and customization.
  • Bar Code Posting: Now delivered as-a-service to ease the support process for IT staff.
  • Advanced Engineering Change Orders: A new feature allowing multiple item engineering changes as well as simultaneous approvals.
  • Multi-Currency Enhancement: In the Company (COMP) screen a default view can now be set for a multi-currency transaction as functional or transactional as well as the ability to view both transactions on all of the pertinent screens.
  • Sales Order Status: M2M now allows the control of sales orders by line item and release. Individual lines and releases can be Cancelled, Put on Hold or Closed without modifying the status of the Sales Order as a whole.

And, as always, M2M continues to seamlessly integrate enterprise resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution for discrete manufacturers with dynamic, to-order environments including engineer-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order and mixed mode operations.

So, when you’re ready to upgrade to the latest version, send Brian Tognoni an email at or give him a call at 602-281-5702, and he’ll set the process in motion.

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What's New in Made2Manage M2M 7.5