Reach the Top with Intuitive ERP 9.0


Intuitive ERP is stepping up their game to meet your needs better than ever.

With a redesigned look, streamlined processing, and support for the functions you use most often, the latest version of Intuitive ERP may just be the best version yet. If you’re curious about how you can improve the value of your ERP and make it easier to run your business, check out the details on Intuitive ERP 9.0.

Why Upgrade to Intuitive ERP 9.0?

With the newest release of Intuitive ERP 9.0, the product’s development team listened carefully to user suggestions and requirements, and then redesigned the product to meet those needs.

The development team also recognizes that today’s manufacturers in highly regulated industries face more challenges than ever before in history. To help you meet those challenges head on, the development team is committed to continuously evolving the product to meet your constantly shifting requirements going forward.

New improvements and enhancements include:

  • Easy-to-use user interface

The cleaner color scheme and more comprehensive grid filters help you navigate your system with ease and quickly find the exact data you need.

  • Simplified reviews and returns

Send parts to MRB from inventory using corresponding enhancements to RMA forms.

  • Increased flexibility for Service Orders

Updates to service item templates include new tabs and options on sales orders, work orders, and RMA forms.

  • Better insight and tracking for labor

Ensure more accurate parallel labor charges with improved labor reporting logic and get more info from tracking reports.

  • Added serial number functionality

Improved maintenance options, parent / compound linking, and support for new MRB functions make critical serial number tracking easier than ever.

PeopleSense: Your Guides to the Upgrade Process

Upgrade with as much support as you need to feel comfortable and confident in your new Intuitive ERP 9.0 solution by choosing your preferred option from PeopleSense’s two-tiered upgrade options.

  • Option 1: Basic Upgrade Support

This option sets the structure in place for you to make your upgrade seamless, with testing, reviews, data upgrades, and recommendations that help you ensure you have all the details in place for your migration.

  • Option 2: Enhanced Upgrade Support

This option includes all features and tasks included in the Basic upgrade option but goes above and beyond with report conversions and the training you need to hit the ground running after your migration.

Both options provide you with the in-depth expertise you’ve come to trust from the PeopleSense consultants, and you are free to choose whichever upgrade method works best for your business objectives and current workload.

To learn more about how the upgrade process works, feel free to check out the Intuitive ERP Upgrade Data Sheet.

Learn More About Intuitive ERP 9.0

If you’re ready to learn more about Intuitive ERP 9.0, it’s probably time to speak with a PeopleSense consultant to find out how this newest release will support your business processes.

Our consultants have over 50 years of combined product knowledge and upgrade support experience, and when you schedule your upgrade with PeopleSense, you’ll also know that you’ll have actual ERP software architects working on your systems.


Contact PeopleSense online to learn more about Intuitive ERP 9.0 and your options for upgrading.