Easy ERP + CRM Integration Creates 360˚ Customer View for Busy Manufacturers


CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — April 29, 2019 — PeopleSense Inc., the definitive ERP and single-source workforce management solution provider for businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada, today announced their partnership with StarfishETL to streamline SugarCRM integration with Made2Manage (M2M) and Intuitive ERP solutions.

The SugarCRM and Made2Manage / Intuitive ERP integration will increase transparency and efficiency across all departments of a manufacturing business by proactively preventing data-entry errors as well as tracking changes and updates, automating tasks, and logging data for easy review.

“The high-performance ETL integration provided by StarfishETL and the PeopleSense team fills a gap in the market by providing secure, streamlined, easy-to-use integration between SugarCRM’s flexible solution and Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP,” said James Castellano, president of PeopleSense. “This partnership delivers on our strategic initiative to bring increased functionality to M2M and Intuitive ERP users – and there’s a lot more to come in 2019 and beyond.”

“As a CRM integration company, we’re pleased to present this new SugarCRM integration for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP,” said David Wallace, general manager at StarfishETL. “Now that our team has worked with PeopleSense to create this ETL tool for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP, we look forward to providing a wide range of CRM integrations for M2M and Intuitive users in the future.”

ETL, or “Extract, Transform, Load,” is the modern method for seamlessly sharing data from one or more original sources (such as a CRM and social media accounts) with a destination system (such as an ERP), enabling users to view and interact with the data on a single platform. This simplifies data management, speeds productivity, and increases sales and customer service opportunities to promote business growth.

About PeopleSense

Since 2003, PeopleSense has established itself as the definitive ERP and single source workforce management solution provider for businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada, offering consulting for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP, Sage HRMS, time and attendance solutions, and related services and products. PeopleSense provides clients with the peace of mind that comes from working with experienced consultants dedicated to customer service, who are affordably priced with no annual contracts. Learn more: http://peoplesenseerp.com.

About StarfishETL

StarfishETL is a feature-rich data migration and integration platform for cloud-to-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployed solutions. The platform has been recognized by various consumer review sites for its excellent user experience and high performance. The scalable platform supports integrations ranging from small to enterprise-sized businesses and is backed by partners across the world. To learn more about StarfishETL, please visit the website at www.starfishetl.com.


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