Ensure Safe, Reliable Products


Part of the challenge of doing business in an increasingly complex world is keeping up with regulations that target processes and products to ensure ethical business practices and safe, reliable products. There are whole businesses built around regulatory research and compliance. There are also entire ERP solutions built around the same.

Intuitive ERP is one. It is a directly delivered solution for manufacturers in regulated industries—electronics, medical devices and aviation.

If you're one of these, you know the burden that comes with every order. You need to ensure that the components you produce have serial numbers entered into a database to allow each component to be identified and tracked (heaven forbid there is a recall), that products are configured to code, that your quality management process meets the standard set by the related regulation, that user instructions and warning statements are contained in packaging, and so on.

Intuitive is an affordable, comprehensive, tested set of ERP features developed specifically to emphasize data quality and availability for manufacturers that embrace regulations as a part of doing business but don't want company growth to suffer in a challenge to comply. Intuitive is built on a Microsoft .NET architecture so is safe, easy to administer, quick to modify and straightforward in implementation.

If regulators come calling, out-of-the-box reports attest to the integrity of your operation with rich data about production planning, component sourcing and control, manufacturing processes and customer service activities (if you engage the Intuitive's eCommerce and CRM capabilities).

And as you seek to improve product and process, Intuitive's business intelligence and data analysis tools will undoubtedly assist in determining effective, cost-efficient changes.


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