Is It Time for a Transportation Management System? How You Know When You Need More Than Just Shipping Software.


Efficient, cost-effective transportation management is the very cornerstone of strong, lasting supplier-customer relationships. When the goods arrive on time, damage-free, and to the right location, your company becomes a “hero” that customers come back to time and time again. When shipments are late or damaged in today’s same-day and next-day environment, customers go elsewhere. Managing transportation effectively is one of the most important things your company does, but getting it right every time can be a challenge.

Here are five telltale signs that it’s time to transform the way you manage transportation:

  • Your team is making multiple phone calls and sending multiple email messages to make sure shipments are covered.
  • You don’t have freight spend visibility across your business.
  • You wonder if you could be saving more on your shipping.
  • Managing multiple dispatches at the same time is an ongoing struggle that your current solution doesn’t support very well.
  • You have a group of preferred carriers, but you:
    • Never really know if you are getting the most cost-effective rate
    • Have no easy way of evaluating carrier performance without multiple spreadsheets and website visits
    • When a customer asks for shipment status, you have to go to multiple websites or make numerous calls to get the information that you need
    • Not everyone in your organization who needs visibility into shipment status gets it
    • Getting a new lane covered, or finding additional capacity for an existing lane is a time consuming project without multiple spreadsheets and website visits

The good news is that there are steps you can take to achieve best-in-class transportation management status.


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