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Axis Metal Manufacturer Software Support

PeopleSense now offers Axis Manufacturer Software Support!


PeopleSense understands the special challenges and needs your company is likely to have as a wire and cable manufacturer or as a metals producer / processor – “one-size does not fit all”. That knowledge, experience, and understanding enables us to focus on your company goals and unique needs.

Building on our experience with other companies in your industry, we can share what we have seen as non-proprietary ‘best practices’ and/or help evaluate and implement innovative new approaches that your company may have in mind.

Like most third-party ERP software support providers, we provide a full range of support, training, software customizations and enhancements, and consulting services designed to help you realize your goals.



Axis Metal Manufacturer Software Support Request

Why PeopleSense?

  • Support – Half the cost of software publisher
  • Turn those savings into functionality improvements to support your business goals and objectives
  • Your ERP Roadmap driven by your business
  • Extend the life of your ERP investment
  • Focused on the metals and wire/cable industries
  • Consultants, support engineers, and development staff with 20+ years experience to support ERP products in the metals and the cable/wire manufacturing space
  • Process Engineering and Control
  • Sales Order Management
  • Forecasting and Material Requirements Planning
  • Purchasing, Supply Chain Management
  • Shop Floor Planning/ Scheduling and Cycle Scheduling
  • Production Statusing and Inventory Control
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Quality Control and Certification
  • Cost Accounting and Finance (AR, AP, GL, Fixed Assets)
  • EDI, e-Commerce
  • Data Analytics
  • OpenEdge PROGRESS®

Questions about Axis Metal Manufacturer Software Support? Ask Us!