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B2B e-Commerce Platform, Powered by Gung

For Made2Manage®, Intuitive ERP®, and Acumatica Cloud ERP

GUNG B2B ecommerce for M2M® Made2Manage®

Designed to Deliver B2B eCommerce Capabilities to Companies
Using Made2Manage®, Intuitive ERP®, and Acumatica Cloud ERP


Gung ensures that when your customers, sales reps, or suppliers visit your online storefront to place orders—your product and inventory data is professionally branded, relevant, and up-to-date.


Product Information Management

Gung uses a Product Information Management (PIM) module to enable an ERP-first integration approach. Gung’s PIM leverages all fields and functions in your ERP system, and then augments that data with assets that are not traditionally stored in your ERP—such as instructions, videos, 3D CAD drawings, images, and marketing materials. Product data can be updated, controlled, and published in one place, and then displayed in real time across multiple channels. With Gung’s PIM, you can control who sees what product data, making personalized proposals, product catalogs, and e-commerce portals available to your customers in a few clicks.

B2B Order Management

Unlike many B2C-centric e-commerce solutions, Gung was designed from the beginning to support B2B sales and order management processes. Gung leverages customer-specific information in your ERP system to ensure that business with individual customers is conducted in the correct pricing, language, and currency. Gung is also able to leverage your ERP data to present what is available for purchase—taking into consideration pre-orders and back orders; seasonal assortments; and inventory balances across multiple warehouses. Customers (or your sales reps) can efficiently place orders—either by starting from scratch and leveraging Gung’s intuitive search and filter functionality; using a bar code scanner; copying previous orders, quotes or invoices; or by way of an order template. If EDI is preferred, Gung is equipped to map existing EDI processes to the e-commerce workflow—as well as automate the entry of PDF or paper-based orders.

Supplier Portal

Gung’s window into your business can also streamline communication with your suppliers. After all, how can you promise when products will be available to your customers without accurate updates on delivery status from your suppliers? Gung’s supplier portal allows you to transfer important data from your PIM—such as dimensions, EAN codes, pricing, or delivery instructions—to your suppliers. When suppliers log in, they can communicate delivery times and tracking information in bulk or item by item. With real-time information at your fingertips, you can make better decisions, such as when to split deliveries, and improve your level of customer service, such as automated delivery status update communications.

Gung B2B eCommerce Made2Manage® M2M® Intuitive® Acumatica iPhone


Gung was designed with a best-of-breed system stack philosophy in mind. Gung’s modern REST architecture and open APIs make it simple and effective to talk to other systems that assist in e-commerce.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP is the home for important product, customer, and inventory data. Unlike other e-commerce platforms that introduce a separate database, Gung deeply integrates with every field and function of your ERP.
Gung is equipped with a shipping gateway that will allow you to leverage your preferred shipping provider and accurately calculate shipping costs and lead times.
Payment Service Providers (PSP)
Gung is equipped with a payment gateway that will allow you to leverage customer-specific data to conduct online transactions in the correct currency and apply the correct sales tax or VAT.
Product Configurator
Gung can integrate with any third-party product configuration tool so that you can augment configured products with rich and real-time product data.
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
Gung can communicate with your WMS to show product availability in real time, and leverage warehouse locations and product data to help estimate delivery cost and time.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Gung integrates with any CRM system so that your e-commerce processes can adapt to complex customer accounts with multiple/international delivery sites that operate in multiple languages and currencies and have different processes or regulatory standards.
Marketing Automation (MA)
Whether it’s an email marketing service like MailChimp, a chat bot, or a comprehensive marketing automation platform, you can ensure that the buyer interactions and behaviors in your e-commerce portal can be leveraged for promotions and up/cross-selling.
Online Marketplaces
For product lines that can be sold directly to the consumer, Gung can easily feed online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook with real-time product data.
Gung B2B eCommerce Made2Manage® M2M® Intuitive® Acumatica product-list
Gung B2B eCommerce Made2Manage® M2M® Intuitive® Acumatica product


Game-Changing Sales Efficiency

From spending days piecing together custom product catalogs or proposals to wasting hours keying in repeat or spare parts orders, your sales reps have more administrative tasks than they can handle. Gung automates manual work, freeing up your reps to have higher value interactions with their accounts.

Improved Customer Experience

Instead of navigating through an antiquated, one-size-fits-all catalog, your customers log in to a portal and see only the products and prices that are relevant to them. Gung ensures the online experience is consistent across your sales reps and distributors, and allows your customers to use self-service to conduct business when and where they want.


Complete Brand Makeover

With Gung, the information in your ERP system will look 20 years younger. Gung ensures that real time data from your ERP system is augmented by media in your PIM and displayed to potential customers around the world in a professional, modern, and functional interface.


Higher Value Chain Performance

Gung not only automates manual processes inside your organization—it also reaches into your value to chain to improve and streamline communication with your suppliers and enhance the sales effectiveness of your distributors.

Revenue Growth Opportunities

Gung extends your ability to attract new customers and open up new revenue streams, such as selling direct to the consumer through online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. Gung also provides you with a digital showroom that can be leveraged to build more effective sales and marketing campaigns.

New Strategic Levers to Pull

E-commerce delivers valuable product and customer data that can reveal strategic levers you never imagined. You can use behavioral buyer data is to predict demand, lower storage costs, find operating efficiences, and make important product lifecycle management decisions on product mix and pricing.


ERP-first integration approach

Gung delivers a deep integration with all fields and functions of your ERP. It’s meant to extend your business system—not replace it.

Built by ERP specialists

Gung is built and implemented by experts who understand ERP and your business processes.

Modern, high-quality tech

Gung is built on a best-in-class architecture, making it both performant and easy to use. Once your storefront is live, it also brings a modern refresh to your brand.

10 weeks to go live

With Gung, you can enjoy a fast, agile, no-frills implementation with fast ROI, and an iterative approach to value creation after the initial rollout.

Designed for industrial SMEs

Out-of-the-box, Gung delivers functionality for manufacturers and wholesalers doing B2B eCommerce.

Unmatched service

Your product will be supported by developers not agents. No wonder Gung has a market-leading NPS and high customer retention KPIs.

Half the TCO and fast ROI

Gung delivers all the typical features of an eCommerce solution—but at half the price of the competition.

Vendor viability

Gung has grown at an astonishing 40%+ CAGR over the past five years, with 200 customers and counting.

Gung B2B eCommerce Made2Manage® M2M® Intuitive® Acumatica dashboard
Gung B2B eCommerce Made2Manage® M2M® Intuitive® Acumatica order-list

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