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What is PeopleSense Procurement Portal Powered by SourceDay?

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor, you understand how labor intensive tracking and managing purchase orders can be — especially if you’re using spreadsheets. A single missed PO line can halt manufacturing, costing organizations thousands of dollars or more in labor, machinery downtime, expedited shipping costs, and poor customer satisfaction. Keeping track of of purchase orders requires countless emails and phone calls, wasting precious hours that can be spent elsewhere.

The PeopleSense Procurement Portal changes all this and turns PO management on its head by eliminating manual processes through automation, finally giving you a strategic, simple, and efficient way to collaborate and manage the most complicated part of your business.

PeopleSense Procurement Portal Powered by SourceDay Modernizes PO Management

The PeopleSense Procurement Portal enables you to retire many of the disparate systems currently used to manage POs — such as email, phones, faxes, spreadsheets, and proprietary portals. By integrating with your M2M or Intuitive Manufacturing Software system to streamline and better manage the purchase order process, it enables you to complete routine tasks faster and more accurately.

And, companies who use PeopleSense Procurement Portal Powered by SourceDay see a 35% improvement in on-time supplier-provided material on average.

View this webinar to:

  • Understand of the typical challenges today’s buyers face in managing their suppliers — from managing RFQs to purchase order tracking and management
  • Learn how SourceDay solves these challenges
  • See a high-level overview of SourceDay features


In addition you will learn how PeopleSense Procurement Portal Powered by SourceDay handles:

  • Supplier Collaboration
  • PO Tracking and Management
  • Document Management
  • Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Vendor Scorecards

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