Ready to Start Selling More and Living the Easy Life? Verenia CPQ Might Be the Answer.


Take a second and think about your friends. You know, those friends who have worked at the same company for years. As employees. No matter how much they see you stress out about your business, they always seem to have the idea that running a business is easy. And whenever you mention that you’re really busy with work, they say something helpful like, “Wow! You’re living the dream, running your own business!”

Yes, we know. These friends can be frustrating.  But, you know… they might be right. Perhaps you are living the dream. Or, rather, perhaps you could be living the dream if you could just increase your revenues by, say 117% while reducing your training burden by 99%.

There’s a way to do exactly that, you know.

Learn how you can increase revenues effortlessly when you join PeopleSense and Verenia CPQ at the complimentary on-demand webinar.


What Is Verenia CPQ?

Built for manufacturers with complex and / or highly configurable products, Verenia CPQ is a tool that helps you Configure Price Quotes (CPQ) easily and simply. With Verenia, you can finally say goodbye to the days when you had to spend weeks or months training your sales reps on all the complex options for ordering, and you can instead rest easy in the knowledge that your company is selling more, with ease, through all sales channels.

Verenia CPQ is:

  • Omnichannel. It connects everyone—your customers, employees, dealers, distributors, inside and outside sales reps, and your marketing team—all together using a single, always up-to-date system.
  • Flexible. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with M2M and Intuitive manufacturing software, Verenia CPQ also offers anywhere / anytime access and customizable, on-demand reports and templates.
  • Effective. With Verenia, your manufacturing company can increase quote volume up to 400% and speed your sales cycle by 27%, all while eliminating errors and reducing costs.
  • Familiar. With an integrated eCommerce tool that works like Amazon, your sales reps and customers will understand exactly how to use the system – and upsells / cross-sells will stay top of mind.
  • Automatic. If you’re tired of wasting time creating specialized BoMs and routings for your complex products, or calculating dimensions manually, you’ll enjoy the time-saving, automatic features built right in to Verenia.

In fact, if you’re looking for a cloud-based, guided selling platform + eCommerce platform that makes it a breeze for your reps to quote and sell with validated, error-free accuracy, you don’t really need to look any further than the fastest, most complete CPQ on the market today: Verenia.

Improve Your Revenues and Shorten Your Sales Cycles ASAP

Another huge benefit to Verenia is that the system is fast and easy to set up. In fact, you can get Verenia CPQ up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to install other CPQ systems.

But, of course, before you can decide that Verenia is the right choice for you, you’ll have to see it in action. That’s why PeopleSense and Verenia teamed up to offer you a quick, one-hour webinar with an included question-and-answer session that can help you get acquainted with the system fast.

Here at PeopleSense, we work so closely with so many business owners that we fully understand the challenges and time wasters that manufacturers like you deal with every day. That’s why, as soon as we saw Verenia, we knew we had to tell you all about it.

So, attend the webinar. Check out the all-new CPQ on the market for Intuitive and M2M manufacturing software. See what you think. Perhaps it’s not for you (in which case, no harm done), but perhaps it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

And, hey, if it is the product for you, perhaps the next time your friends tell you you’re “living the dream” as a business owner, you’ll simply nod and agree.

Who knows?


View the on-demand Verenia CPQ webinar.