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Building the Best ERP Project Team White Paper

How to Build the Ideal Team for Your ERP Project

An ERP implementation is a significant project for any company. It requires an executive sponsor, a strong leader, clear objectives, and a sufficient budget and resources to complete the job.

While the implementation team should be organized and managed like any project, it’s critical that the majority of team members come from the user community – not just internal or external IT resources.

Without a team of users from across your business, your project is likely to lack focus, experience delays, encounter cost overruns, and achieve a poor results.

Building the Best ERP Project Team White Paper

This white paper will help you build the ideal project team, including:

  • An executive sponsor to promote the project vision
  • A project leader to drive the project
  • A project plan that is regularly reviewed
  • Team members from across your business
  • Regular project communications to keep the project top of mind

Don’t begin your ERP implementation project until you’ve read this white paper based on decades of experience.

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