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Operating System Updates and Made2Manage®

Upgrading your OS (operating system) isn’t something to take lightly. It requires planning and involves evaluating your current applications to ensure they’re compatible with the new OS. You also need to check your hardware to ensure it’s powerful enough to support the new OS, meaning that the processor is fast enough and there’s enough RAM and hard drive space.

Operating System Updates for Made2Manage® (M2M®)


Do you want to update your operating system to Windows 11 or 10 but aren’t ready to upgrade Made2Manage® (M2M®)?

This is quite common.

Often IT wants to upgrade servers and work stations to the latest release of the Windows operating system to stay current.

However, operations isn’t ready to upgrade Made2Manage® due to their workload, and the older version of M2M® they’re running isn’t compatible with the latest release of Windows.

While there are many reasons and advantages to upgrading to the latest release of Made2Manage®, there just isn’t time in the day.



PeopleSense ERP can help you with a simple solution. Made2Manage® users do not have to upgrade to the latest M2M® version in order to upgrade their Microsoft Operation System.

It is possible to easily utilize and operate any and all versions of Made2Manage® on Windows 7 (and newer) operating systems. Made2Manage® can operate both in a 32-bit and in a 64-bit platform.

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