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More Than Check Printing


PrintBoss is known for enabling users to print checks from multiple bank accounts onto blank check stock. That saves you time and money. Especially with PrintBoss’ seamless integration into most ERP software including Made2Manage® (M2M®) and Intuitive ERP®.

But PrintBoss is so much more! Did you know that you can use PrintBoss as a tool to automate emails of password-protected PDF payroll stubs and remittance forms to your employees who are paid via ACH? It can also automate emails of invoices and quotes to your customers.

You can even have PrintBoss add one-off PDF letters with merged fields from your ERP or HRMS system attached to your normal email automation routine (like weekly emails of invoices or monthly emails of payroll stubs).


Easy click-to-pay system eliminates manually writing, signing, and mailing checks and other business documents forever.


Efficient and easy-to-use, make payments or send business documents on the spot from your desktop or mobile phone immediately from anywhere in the world!


Let the PeopleSense use PrintBoss to automate delivery of your business documents, saving you money and giving you time to focus on important tasks.


Smart technology maintains password protection while systematically implementing the highest security standards anywhere, period.

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