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Country and State Enhancement for Intuitive Manufacturing Software

Correct and Normalize Your State and Country Data

Do you use the state and country data in your Intuitive manufacturing software in conjunction with tax and other financial reporting? 

When the formatting of this data is inconsistent, your reports will look “off” and might even be incorrect.

Get this new Country and State Enhancement for Intuitive Manufacturing Software from PeopleSense, so your data will be consistent and your reports will be more accurate

To accomplish data consistency and report accuracy, we:

  • Clean up and correct your current state and country data
  • Ensure new information entered is stored in the correct format
  • Add functionality so that when the country is set to “US” the state field becomes a drop-down of valid US states
  • Add functionality so that when the country is non-US then the state field is a free entry textbox

Country and State drop-downs are applicable to:

  • Customer 
  • Ship-To
  • Vendor
Country State Intuitive 1
Country State Intuitive 2

Questions about Country and State Enhancement? Ask Us!