Enhancement Options for M2M or Intuitive Manufacturing Software

EosCPQ CPQ and Online Strorefronts for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP

A complete solution to graduate your M2M or Intuitive Manufacturing Software powered organization to the world of eCommerce with full Configure-Price-Quote capabilities in one robust, yet easy to use solution.

Verenia CPQ allows you to integrate a custom portal and provide access for an array of user types (staff, dealers, customers, etc.) granting them the ability to get instant quotes and place orders with your company directly.

WIN Transportation Management System for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP

WIN simplifies day-to-day transportation management tasks, providing savings opportunities, shipment visibility and carrier choice, all at no cost and no fee for the shipper.

For shippers that means no more phone calls and multiple website visits to get quotes and book loads. No more spreadsheet manipulations to track shipment activity.

And, WIN integrates with M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software.

Portus Business Analytics for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP

While M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software products are great ERP solutions for manufacturers, most users struggle to efficiently turn the important business data that these solutions store into useful analytics to drive the business.  That’s where PeopleSense Analytics powered by Portus comes in.

Vertance Navigator Business Intelligence for Made2Manage

Your bottom line depends on the ability of your team to make good business decisions. Good business decisions in turn, depend on timely, accurate, and relevant information. Vertance Navigator is designed to allow your organization to access all of the information within your ERP system to support the decision-making process. Vertance Navigator is a revolutionary companion product for manufacturing software systems that provides quick drill-down, comprehensive export and powerful data analysis capabilities to help your company get the most from your M2M or Intuitive Manufacturing Software system.

KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow for Made2Manage and Intuitive ERP

KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow are a single solution with which you can monitor and respond to important business conditions within all your front-office and back-office software solutions.

Overdue invoices. Stock shortages. Employees with expiring certifications. Opportunities not followed-up on. Changes to a job’s status. The right information — to the right people, and at the right time – is critical to the success of your organization. Get KnowledgeSync and don’t ever again get caught saying “if only we had known . . . “

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