M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software Consulting, Support, and Customization

Make PeopleSense your single source for professional M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software product support, customization and enhancements to ensure optimum returns on your company's significant ERP software investment.

Why PeopleSense ERP?

Superior Service

You deserve the best!

The PeopleSense staff of technical and product consultants hold 300+ years of cumulative experience with M2M manufacturing software and 150+ years of cumulative experience with Intuitive manufacturing software.  We are the most experienced M2M and Intuitive manufacturing software consulting firm in the world.

Our goal is to provide you with the best, most reliable, personalized, expert service you deserve.

If you require assistance with your M2M or Intuitive manufacturing software solution, doesn’t it make sense to to engage the most highly qualified and experienced consultants, developers, and support personnel on the planet?



Economical services!

Because you deserve better, we provide our services without expensive and burdensome support contracts.  Because of our affordable rates, you can rely on always having tailored support services and ultimately achieve returns on your ERP investment while never having to fear the costs involved.


Fast Turnaround

Guaranteed response time!

You will benefit from knowing that when you need assistance, you’ll always have a direct line to a single point of contact who is knowledgeable and understanding, and who will assign the appropriate consultant to meet your needs – with a guaranteed response time for support issues. You will have responses and results in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

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What Our Customers Say

“PeopleSense ERP has been an extremely valuable resource in the support and training of our crew as we grow our utilization of the Intuitive manufacturing software system.  

“Both the Sales and Support teams are super responsive and have become and integral part of our overall support regimen.

“I highly recommend them.”

Paula V

Teraflex Inc

“If we could not rely on the experience and quick service from PeopleSense, we would have switched ERPs long ago. 

“The service that PeopleSense provides is our primary reason for staying with the M2M manufacturing software.”

Rusty G

Griffin Food Company

“The folks over at PeopleSense have been fantastic.  

“We had been working with the Intuitive manufacturing software for years but just could not get over the manufacturing planning hump.  

“PeopleSense provided the last key to utilizing our system effectively.  

“They worked with us to set-up outplant functions, planning flags, routings, and fully understand these aspects along with the workbenches in both planning and purchasing.  

“I recommend them highly to finalize and set-up the Intuitive manufacturing software to utilize it most effectively for your processes.”

Ron P

Multi Products Company Inc


Who We Are


The ERP support you’ve been waiting for. The reliable and personalized service you deserve.

For nearly two decades, PeopleSense team members have provided support, integration services, and workforce management solutions to companies using M2M manufacturing software, Sage, Intuitive manufacturing software, Encompix, Ross and other ERP systems.

During that time, we’ve established solid relationships with some of the best consultants, developers, support personnel and account executives who have all come together to join us in the forming of PeopleSense ERP.

Our goal is to introduce our established client services philosophy to ERP customers who either don’t currently have a support contract or simply aren’t getting the proper care through an existing agreement.


Our Services


Comprehensive Support Options That Simply Make Sense

PeopleSense support plans are tailored to the specific needs and budgets of our clients to handle any project and help them achieve their goals regardless of a current manufacturer maintenance agreement.

Let’s face it, there is a level of specialized support that call center personnel cannot provide and simply makes Sense to work with the People who can.

Optimize – Streamline – Protect

From complete system evaluations to finding an answer to why your ERP system seems a bit sluggish, our optimization services focus on your current system with the goal of achieving more return on your substantial software investment.

With decades of collective, hands-on consulting experience across a wide spectrum of the manufacturing industry, or ERP consulting professionals offer far more than what general maintenance agreements provide.


Our Products


Product Enhancement & Augmentation

PeopleSense has assembled some of the most useful add-on products that truly enhance the ERP system you already have by further expanding the “Enterprise” portion of its capabilities.

For those situations where we may not have a product on the shelf, our in-house development team can craft solutions to meet your unique needs.

Reporting & Communications

While we provide extensive custom report creation services, our solutions also include automated alert systems that can be triggered from any database you use as well as comprehensive data analysis dashboards to reduce the need for multiple reports.

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