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Change Audit for Intuitive ERP®

Audit Control and Data Permissions

Change Audit for Intuitive® provides comprehensive audit tracking for users working with Intuitive® forms. It goes beyond simple field tracking, allowing for the auditing of all changes, even those not within the same table schema. Users can track specific information based on the type of transaction, such as ADD, UPDATE, or DELETE operations, providing maximum flexibility. For each transaction, the system logs WHO/WHEN/WHAT changes, additions, or deletions.

The functionality includes a grid view that displays changes tracked by each transaction or domain, facilitating custom reporting for printing or sharing with auditors. Additionally, it monitors menu access, including unauthorized access attempts, enabling tracking of menu usage and access patterns.

Moreover, the tracked information can generate contextual change views. For instance, users can view a grid of sales order changes directly on the sales order form, showing specific changes over time within the context of the visible data. This feature enhances visibility and understanding of changes made to specific records.

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