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Custom Reports and Forms for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®

Key Benefits of Made2Manage® (M2M®) and Intuitive ERP® Reporting

One of the key benefits of running your company with an ERP system is the data that the system collects.

This data allows management to make better tactical and strategic decisions regarding both the short-term and long-term direction of the company.

The key is to be able to provide access to this data in a meaningful format.

The capable staff at PeopleSense ERP can help you with the flexible reporting options available for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®, including:

  • Advanced Reporting Training and Report Writing
  • Custom Reports
  • Vertance Navigator (Made2Manage® only)
  • PeopleSense Analytics Powered by Portus

Advanced Reporting Training and Report Writing

Advanced Reporting for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® manufacturing software is technologically advanced reporting software the provides:

  • Tight integration with your ERP package
  • Drag-and-drop report creation
  • Complete drill-down functionality to the source
  • Easy consolidations of financial reports
  • Powerful dashboard functionality
  • Extensive training tutorials and documentation

The experienced consultants from PeopleSense ERP can train your staff on Advanced Reporting so that they can create enterprise reports easily – reports that seamlessly connect to your database and that allow you to drill down to the originating documents, therefore providing you quick access to the necessary data you need to make critical business decisions and empowering you to better understand how your company is doing.

Learn more about our Advanced Reporting services.

Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® Custom Reports

Custom Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® Reports

If you don’t have the time or manpower to write business critical reports internally, PeopleSense ERP’s highly qualified consultants can cost-effectively write these reports for you, allowing your staff to focus on their primary job functions.

Rewriting Custom Made2Manage® Reports 

In version 7.5, Made2Manage® discontinued the old VFP Reports and replaced them with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports. Therefore, when upgrading to M2M® 7.5, all custom reports that you still use will have to be rewritten. PeopleSense experts can rewrite these reports or help you do it yourself.

Vertance Navigator - Business Intelligence for Made2Manage®

Vertance Navigator is a companion business intelligence solution for Made2Manage® manufacturing software. It provides quick drill-down and powerful data analysis capabilities to help your company get the most from your M2M® manufacturing software system.

Navigator provides a rich set of tools that will enable you to find exactly the data you are looking for in your M2M® manufacturing software database through:

  • Powerful, but simple-to-use Queries
  • Excel-like Grid display of multiple documents
  • One Click Drill-downs
  • Sort, Filter, Group, and Find functions
  • Simple Export of Grid data to Excel

PeopleSense ERP’s consulting team can provide your staff with the training they need, so they can use Vertance Navigator effectively and provide you with the necessary information you need to continue to make good business decisions.

PeopleSense Analytics Powered by Portus

Get the Information You Need from Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® to Make Better Decisions Faster

While Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® are great solutions for manufacturers, most users struggle to efficiently turn the important business data their ERP systems store into useful analytics to drive their businesses.  That’s where PeopleSense Analytics Powered by Portus comes in.  By seamlessly integrating with your ERP database, PeopleSense Analytics delivers rich interactive web-based reports that are available to everyone that needs them . . . . from anywhere at any time.

Continuous Real-time Drill Down 

The really important business questions seldom have a simple answer.  Often the initial question leads to more related questions, and the final answer is the picture formed by the answers to these related inquiries.  PeopleSense Analytics is fundamentally built around this natural way of analytics with continuous drill down into more levels of detail in an easy to navigate browser-based application

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