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Lightspeed Voice

LightSpeed is now a certified VoIP Acumatica Partner!

Did you now that when with Lightspeed, Acumatica is an even better business success tool? Well, it is.

Features of Lightspeed Acumatica Integrations:

  • Auto Add: All calls are automatically added to the activity section.
  • Screen Pop: Inbound call pop up takes you right to that customers account.
  • Recording Link: A link to the recorded call automatically goes into an activity section note.
  • PrismPBX® More than just VoIP, connecting staff with fully supported, customizable privately hosted phone networks.
  • Follow-Up Tool® More than just CRM, offerings sales automation tools designed to help you connect with clients and solve their problems.




Follow-Up Tool®

More Control

Automatic call forwarding, play ads and custom music, coach employees without clients hearing, time clock on phone, Queuing, Agent priorities, and Auto Attendant.

More Connections

Log calls with proprietary dialer, review touch histories, view prospect and sales data, add prospects manually or in bulk, apply plans to individual prospects.

More Communication

Auto redirect calls if service is interrupted, join multiple offices into a unified system, have calls follow you wherever you are, intelligently calls routing, free tax & toll free number.

More Performance

Review staff work, intelligent custom generated reports, KPI’s tracking, 40+ productivity-enhancing tools.

More Intelligence

Protect your business by recording your calls, review what’s happening with informer reports, see entire system from anywhere.

More Automation

Automated texts and e-mails, daily to-do lists, preloaded follow-up communication plans, build custom plans.

More Support

Free support, third-party API Integrations, no installation or setup necessary, free hardware.

More Prepared

Staff training offered, online training videos and tutorials, US-based team with no waits or barriers, frequent product updates.

Questions about LightSpeed Voice? Ask Us!