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Make Your Business Smarter, More Efficient, and Improve Customer Service

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What is KnowledgeSync and How Can It Make Your Business Smarter, More Efficient, and Improve Customer Service?

KnowledgeSync combines alerts and automation to help companies monitor critical, time-sensitive manufacturing activities. Through alerts and warnings, manufacturers can easily monitor their database for conditions that they deem most important. It can thus identify conditions that require attention, like stock items that require reordering, and invoices that are overdue for payment. It can also automate communications with your customers to improve customer satisfaction.

KnowledgeSync integrates with all ERP systems (including Intuitive Manufacturing Software and M2M), and it monitors your database for business conditions and activities to trigger automated responses (alerts, reports, email messages, & updates) to keep an organization better-informed and better able to make the wisest business decisions.

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• How to streamline your order process
• Improve collections for past-due customers
• Prevent stock shortages
• Improve customer communications


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