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Credit Card Processing for M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software


VelocIT Connect is a fully PCI-compliant advanced payment solution integrated with M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software.

VelocIT Connect supplies industry-leading credit card processing security with cutting-edge convenience and interchange rate optimization, all in an easy-to-use solution that comes with free terminals and free services.

Key Features


Low Rates

VelocIT Connect offers interchange optimization to automatically qualify you for the best rates on each transaction, which means you can qualify for lower overall rates without having to put in any extra work.


Faster Funding

Tired of waiting three days to receive the funds you process in a credit card transaction? You shouldn’t have to wait for your money. VelocIT Connect provides next-day funding, helping you get paid faster, so you can build your business faster.


Level 3 Optimization

If you sell to businesses or government clients, you may be eligible for the lowest interchange rates in the industry, which are only available through Level 3 processing. However, qualifying for Level 3 requires special software that extracts and transmits extensive line-item detail. VelocIT includes that special software for you.


Flexible Payment Options

In addition to empowering merchants with the ability to accept swipe, dip, and tap payments on modern terminals, VelocIT Connect also helps you handle ACH transactions and eCommerce sales, seamlessly and securely.


Free Services and Hardware

Only VelocIT offers free up-to-date terminals; free professional installation; free, friendly support; and an in-house development team that releases new, cutting-edge features — you guessed it — free!


Comprehensive Card Security

With a focus on providing the latest, up-to-date EMV chip-ready terminals to reduce merchant liability resulting from fraud, and utilizing P2PE and tokenization, which are the industry’s most aggressive card security standards, VelocIT is committed to keeping you and your clients protected at every stage in the card handling process.

Questions about VelocIT Connect Advanced Payment Solutions?