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Your Requirements


As a manufacturer who ships via national or regional carriers, you need a shipping solution that integrates with M2M or Intuitive Manufacturing Software, so you can avoid entering information twice – once in your carrier software and once in your ERP system – which would waste your time and introduce human entry error into the system which would adversely affect the efficiency and accuracy of your shipments.

In addition, you need a shipping system which empowers you to centrally shop rates without having to access various carrier software, thereby getting you the best rate in a time efficient manner.


Your Solution


DigitalShipper is a premium logistics solution integrated with M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing Software.

Eliminates Need for Multiple Carrier-Provided Systems

DigitalShipper eliminates the need for multiple carrier-provided systems. With DigitalShipper, users no longer have to decide which carrier’s software they should use and try to remember all the nuances and different processes for each in order to ship a package.

Simple Workflow

Regardless of the carrier, DigitalShipper creates one simple workflow from a single software application that can handle all your Small Parcel, Less Than Truckload (LTL), full Truckload (TL), domestic and international, or a combination of them all.

A Plethora of Built-In Features

DigitalShipper includes many built-in features such as rate shopping, customer preferences, order consolidation, shipper’s notes, batch shipping, blind shipping, and many more to help you streamline and automate shipping processes.

Carrier Rate Shopping and Comparison

One of the most cost-saving advantages of multi-carrier shipping software is the ability to rate shop. With DigitalShipper you can rate shop your negotiated rates to compare carriers and service levels for small parcel and LTL, calculate transit days to get shipments to their destinations on time, and perform special customer-based rating logic.

Seamless Integration

DigitalShipper provides the most flexibility to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP, WMS, TMS, eCommerce, Accounting, or Customer Service systems to exchange the necessary information for shipping. Whether you have one source of data or multiple sources of data, DigitalShipper can connect to them all. Integrating realtime data exchange between DigitalShipper and your business systems will improve the accuracy of shipping and increase throughput.

Versatile Fit

DigitalShipper fits into all processes of shipping including traditional shipping workstations, pick/pack stations, RF handhelds, inline conveyor systems, batch/wave fulfillment, and desktop shipping.

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