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Record Storage Reimagined

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Future-proof your documents.


PeopleSense is your preferred document services management partner. Passionately addressing document management hurdles for businesses of all sizes, we’re strategically positioned to offer services nationwide, ensuring every customer receives our utmost attention and support.

Harness the power of the advanced, cloud-driven solutions powered by HITS to refine and enrich your workspace. With state-of-the-art tools such as STR8VIEW®, PeopleSense provides unparalleled access to your vital documents.


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Paper Scanning

PeopleSense has an extensive process, using an in-house developed record tracking application, which allows us to accurately catalog all records throughout the conversion process. This allows both PeopleSense and our customers to feel confident as to what has been sent, and allows tracking of each record as it moves through the Conversion Process.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an important aspect of modernizing any operation, consolidating their records, and making them more secure. Successful digital transformation transcends traditional roles within companies, and can lead to an entirely new culture and customer experiences.

Microfilm Scanning

Reduce the risk of losing confidential and historical data to fading or other environmental dangers. PeopleSense provides you the ability to maintain a digital back-up copy of your Microfilm, Microfiche, 16mm, 35mm and Aperture Cards.


STR8VIEW® is an innovative, secure, cloud-based document management system that enhances the way you view and retrieve your documents. Extensive compliance capabilities, innovative search engine, and streamlined access channels address challenges of paper records – all within a simple, user-friendly interface.

Secure Destruction Services

Providing a solution to securely dispose of sensitive data, companies cut down on costs and liability with either a one-time bulk order, or on an ongoing basis.

Federal Government Document Management

Our eight-step document scanning process includes an industry-unique audit trail process that ensures each document is processed to your requirements.

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