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Labor Entry Software

M2M Intuitive ERP Labor EntryWhat is Labor Entry Software?

Labor Entry Software enables you to quickly clock-in or clock-out of a job and have labor posted to Made2Manage® (M2M®) or Intuitive ERP®.

The software runs on IIS so it is accessible from a browser from anywhere on your local network, and it works with barcode scanners connected to the computer or tablet.

How it Helps Your Business

Employees can record how long it takes to complete a job, who was on the job, and if there were breaks taken. Data (like the Employee ID, Job, and Quantity) can be scanned using the existing barcodes. The labor information is collected in Made2Manage® or Intuitive ERP®, associated with the appropriate job, and is available for reporting.

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Labor Entry Software for Made2Manage®

The CSS Labor Entry App offers an intuitive, streamlined solution for barcoded labor entry into the M2M® ERP system.

This web-based application offers core labor entry features and a simplified user interface that makes labor entry a breeze.



Keyboard or Barcode Scan Entry


Clock Off




Grace Periods


Clock In


Clock Off Indirect


Auto Breaks


Configurable Options (scrap, rework)

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