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Criterion(Evaluations) Webinar

Join us on 7/19 at 2pm ET for this free virtual webinar to learn more about Criterion and their Evaluation processes. Criterion HR supports complex benefits management and open enrollment with auto-integration to payroll. Employee and manager self-service through a smart, secure mobile app. Register Now!

Advanced Reporting Webinar

Join us on 7/26 at 2pm ET to learn more about Advanced Reporting and how to unlock this feature you may already own. Register now!

Criterion’s Open Enrollment Process Webinar

Eliminate benefits friction by automating benefits administration and analysis to save time, improve accuracy, and control cost. Learn how to set up rules-based eligibility criteria, automate date-effective payroll deductions and updatable insurance rates. Join us on 9/20 at 2pm ET to learn more about the open enrollment process with Criterion's HCM platform. Register Now!

Parttrap Webinar

Join us on 7/21 at 2pm ET to learn more about Parttrap's B2B eCommerce modules. Register now!

Fall 2023 Free Virtual User Group (Day 2) – M2M®

Join us on 10/19 from 9am CT to 4pm CT for our Free 2023 Virtual User Group sessions focused on M2M® as well as sessions with our 3rd Party Partner products. Agenda is subject to change. Register now!

Avalara Webinar

Join us on 11/15 at 2pm ET to learn more about Avalara and their risk assessment and tax software with PeopleSense connector to M2M® and Intuitive ERP®. Register now!

All webinars are subject to change.