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Discover How You Can Improve Supply Chain Management at Your Company


In 2020, a report by McKinsey calculated that if companies experienced 10 years of supply chain disruptions, they could see half a year’s worth of profits erased. In 2021, a U.S. Census Bureau survey found that the worst supply chain disruptions affect manufacturing, wholesale trade, and the construction industry. Does your business have a plan to tackle sustained supply chain issues?

Build your plan when you discover how you can improve your supply chain management process and minimize disruption. Download the playbook, “Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions with Acumatica Cloud ERP” to learn more.


What Will You Learn in the Playbook?

This playbook provides the background information small to midsized businesses need, so they can start implementing inventory strategies that provide true supply and demand transparency. In just 11 pages, you will discover the top tactics you can use to help you overcome today’s most disruptive supply chain issues.

Download the playbook and learn about:

  • The 5 key components of effective demand planning, plus 26 ways to address them
  • The 3 leading capabilities necessary for efficient supply chain management, plus 22 options for handling them
  • 13 advanced strategies that help you spark innovative thinking, so you can elevate your approach to mitigating supply chain risk

The playbook also contains an easy, yet effective, method to assess your own supply chain vulnerability. Answer 15 true or false questions and then add up your score to determine whether your business faces low, moderate, high, or severe supply chain risk – and then find out what steps you should take next.


Get Started Today with Better Supply Chain Management at Your Company

The key to supply chain success is manage your vendors, stock levels, and customer expectations, so you can deliver great service at the lowest cost. This is easier said than done – but modern tools can streamline this process in surprising ways.

Today’s manufacturing, wholesale trade, and construction businesses do not have time to waste, as the past few years of uncertainty have already inflicted damage on potential future profits. It is time for you to take charge of your future and take control of your supply chain.

To get started, read this playbook presented by the software experts at PeopleSense. Of course, reach out to the PeopleSense team if you have any questions. We are happy to help you find reasonable solutions that make sense for your individualized needs.


Download the Playbook


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