Business Intelligence gives you a complete view of your business.


And, Business Intelligence tools from Made2Manage give you a complete view of your manufacturing operations.


Business intelligence (BI) is often described as "the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes."

Business Intelligence empowers employees at all levels of your organization to respond to potential challenges facing your business and manage by exception.

The Made2Manage (M2M) BI application delivers powerful data analysis tools, such as pre-configured pivot tables, business performance notifications, and rapid access to key operational parameters—all at your fingertips.

In addition to numerous pre-defined reports, you can use the M2M Reporter feature to quickly and easily create your own custom reports.

M2M Reporter’s drag-and-drop wizard interface simplifies the report creation process so you can rapidly extract the information you need from the system, whenever you need it.

Using M2M Business Intelligence means never again having to make a strategic operational decision in a vacuum.



Operations Monitoring

  • Starting with the first contact as a prospect, maintain an accurate history of customer interactions.
  • Automate the sales order and fulfillment processes to improve order accuracy, reduce response times, and lower costs.
  • Gain full visibility into sales opportunities to accurately forecast the pipeline and manage prospects.

Custom Report Creation

  • Create reports without programming.
  • Make better business decisions based on the indicators you choose from reports that suit your unique needs.
  • Empower employees at all levels of your organization with the capability to generate reports.

Advanced Reporting

  • Harness powerful dashboard functionality.
  • Easily create drag-and-drop reports.
  • Drill down to the source for complete and intuitive data analysis.



Made2Manage M2M Business Intelligence BI

The Events and Actions Notifier helps you define and monitor a wide variety of criteria across your operation.


Made2Manage M2M Business Intelligence BI

Generate business-specific reports without having to write programs or seek out additional programming resources.


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