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Personalization, Insight, and Analysis Capabilities Combine for Effective Business Intelligence Insights Across the Company


When a business experiences a period of stagnant growth, a decline in productivity, or a rise in production or operational costs, they immediately look for answers. They use every analytical tool available in an attempt to seek out the key piece of information from their mountains of data, which will shine a light on the problem.

Acumatica combines real-time reporting with top-notch business intelligence (BI), so your business has answers before problems arise. The Cloud ERP gives business leaders the ability to do an on-the-spot, full company health analysis at any time with real-time reports, dashboards, and charts. The unified database ensures every team member is on the same page, seeing the same information, and getting one single version of the truth.

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How Real-Time Reporting and Business Intelligence Work to Drive Your Business Forward

Acumatica brings together their award-winning ERP with sophisticated intelligent data dashboards and a customizable reporting engine to equip your leadership team with the real-time analysis they need to understand company health.

Users are empowered with no-code/low-code report development that allows them to create a range of dynamic reports and personalized dashboards quickly and easily. This increases employee engagement and productivity.

Ready to get started? With this white paper from PeopleSense, see how you can:

  • Use business intelligence to inform strategic decisions
  • Ignite innovation with personalized dashboards
  • Tailor your intelligence to advance individual employee goals
  • Maximize employee engagement and reporting flexibility
  • Prove compliance on demand

Acumatica Makes Sense of It All

When your business starts seeing an unwanted or unexpected shift in its numbers, whether that be in productivity, costs, or other key drivers, you can usually find the answers and causes for changes. Unfortunately, it often takes digging through troves of data stored across your different financial and business technology systems.

There is a better way.

To find critical data and make sense of it all, you need a reporting and business intelligence software solution that can aggregate and convert all your raw data into actionable insights – on demand. Acumatica provides the information you need to help control your expenses, grow your revenue, and make more informed, confident decisions every day.


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