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Eliminate Contract Management Frustration with M-Files


If your team does not have the right tools to track and oversee the contract management lifecycle from end to end, your organization may fall prey to significant revenue losses and risks. According to research, inefficient contract processes can result in a 9% annual revenue loss for businesses.

As you can see, it is crucial that you streamline these processes while ensuring the accuracy and security of your contracts. To achieve this, many organizations are now turning to M-Files.

Would M-Files make sense for you? Find out how M-Files can benefit your business specifically. Reach out to the experts at PeopleSense.

3 Ways M-Files Improves Your Contract Management Processes

How do you currently monitor your contract commitments and obligations? What control measures are in place for your contracts and contract-related materials right now? Are you satisfied with the way your staff manages contract version control and related email correspondence with customers at your business?

If you are unsatisfied with the way any of these processes are managed at your organization today, here are 3 ways M-Files can help:

  1. Visibility

According to a study by Forrester Consulting, employees using M-Files were able to find documents 40% faster than they could with their previous systems. We all know that time is money in the business world.

Having the ability to quickly and easily access and view contract information, as well as confidently locate and retrieve the latest versions of contracts, is directly linked to your bottom line. Faster filing and searching can boost your revenues.

  1. Control

M-Files contract management tools help you stay on top of contract renewals and achievements by providing instant notifications for expirations and milestones. Running a little behind? Do not worry. M-Files helps you avoid contract renewal delays by leveraging automated review and approval workflows.

In addition, M-Files helps you ensure compliance, accuracy, information security, and auditability with built-in versioning tools, automated audit trails, and permissions-based security. With M-Files, you will know you can always find the most up-to-date information, so you can meet your reporting and compliance needs with ease.

  1. Efficiency

The modern business landscape requires you to consistently increase productivity and lower costs. M-Files can help you boost efficiency by reducing sales cycle times with online document-signing tools that are accessible from any device. Want to reduce labor expenses? M-Files helps you eliminate costly and time-consuming manual filing and searching processes because it automatically classifies contracts alongside related information.

For back-office efficiency gains, M-Files helps your staff reduce their paperwork load and avoid endless content merging and duplication hassles. It does this through an innovative combination of version management functions and convenient online collaboration technology.

Why M-Files Could Be the Right Choice for Your Business

Most mid-sized businesses struggle with efficiency issues when it comes to managing their contracts. They face many traps that waste time, energy, and money.

M-Files helps mid-sized businesses avoid these problems because:

  • M-Files is not locked to any specific business application.
  • M-Files can control and manage data for a variety of business needs.
  • Companies can customize M-Files and integrate it with their already existing systems to ensure their data is controlled exactly how they want it to be.
  • M-Files has easy implementation and extensive integration possibilities for contract management applications.

Stop Inefficient Processes from Silently Stealing from Your Business

Contracts are a part of the pre-business stage of business. Until the contract is signed and finalized, your company is just waiting to do its real work. Although precise contract lifecycle management is vitally important to your business success, the legal ramifications of those contract-related processes make this largely unpaid work.

It’s time to stop allowing important but unpaid work to steal your revenues.


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