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Is your company facing business challenges?


Many of the companies we work with have faced:

  • Antiquated ERP systems that did not support their business needs
  • No plant scheduling, average on-time delivery record
  • Competitive pressures demanded more responsiveness, tighter controls
  • A lot of data but no information—lack of business intelligence capabilities
  • Proprietary database and programming language that stifles new needed functionality and reporting capabilities


After migrating to Intuitive ERP®, these companies have experienced:

  • 36% improvement in on-time shipping performance in first year while decreasing lead times by 50%
  • 18% margin improvement
  • More reliable ship-date quotes, overall faster turnaround on custom orders
  • Market share growth during industry recession
  • Intuitive ERP® implementation forced a full process transformation


Unlike other manufacturing solutions, Intuitive ERP® offers the most affordable, comprehensive, and tested feature set for regulated manufacturing environments.

With more than 800 customers in 20 countries, Intuitive ERP® stands out in the marketplace for its ability to increase the quality and visibility of information manufacturers need to make the strategic and tactical operational decisions that achieve core business goals.

By leveraging a Microsoft .NET architecture, Intuitive ERP® provides capabilities that are faster, more secure, and easy to administer, modify, and integrate with other applications.



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