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Discover How M-Files Interconnectivity Solved Quality Management Challenges for 3 Manufacturers


In the manufacturing industry, quality management (QM) and regulatory compliance has a long history of extreme complexity. This is especially true for manufacturers with global business entities, for whom paper-based processes only worsen the situation.

According to an Aberdeen Research study, 53% of manufacturing companies are still using paper-based systems for QM. Unfortunately, using manual systems like these to manage quality and production cannot accurately improve performance.

That is why many manufacturers are turning to Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions like M-Files.

Discover how M-Files helps manufacturers streamline their QM process. Download the white paper, “3 Ways Intelligent Information Management Is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry” to learn more.


3 Case Studies Prove the Value of Paperless QM


Paper-based systems are outdated and insufficient when it comes to meeting the modern demands of the manufacturing industry. M-Files helps manufacturers control, record, and improve information and quality management.

In fact, over 60% of best-in-class manufacturing companies have moved away from manual quality systems and now experience 13% higher operating margins, compared to companies still using paper-based systems. And you can find out how they did it.

For your first-hand look at the benefits of using an electronic system, read this white paper including the 3 following case studies that examine M-Files’s use across highly regulated areas of manufacturing. We encourage you to take the time to compare their situations to your own, so you can drill directly into the most useful information for your needs.

  1. Lessonia

Who they are:

A French-based manufacturing company that manufactures and supplies cosmetic products. They supply many of the world’s largest brands such as L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, and Johnson & Johnson.

Compare to your situation:

While manufacturing several hundred different cosmetic products, Lessonia also must manage audit trails and documentation associated with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  1. Vigor

Who they are:

A diversified industrial company that does manufacturing in the hydro, nuclear, and aerospace industries.

Compare to your situation:

The Nuclear Division of the company is put under some of the highest levels of scrutiny and regulatory requirements in any industry. They serve 3 heavily regulated segments: the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and commercial nuclear markets. Proper quality management requires the careful tracking of compliance events relevant to industry regulations.

  1. Roal

Who they are:

A biotech company that is one of the world’s largest enzyme manufacturers. Exporting 90% of its products worldwide, the company produces the enzymes used by the food, baking, and feed industries.

Compare to your situation:

Information and quality management are essential to the company’s operations. As a biotech company, ISO certifications require them to establish and maintain up-to-date information management processes.

Dive deeply into how these 3 manufacturing companies used M-Files to move beyond manual, paper-based QM, despite obstacles and limitations inherent to each company’s specific field within the industry.


M-Files: More Than Paperless Quality Management


M-Files is not just for paperless QM, it is a complete business solution that is designed to improve the management of all structured data and unstructured content crucial to your manufacturing operations. It is an effective platform for manufacturers to manage all documents and processes, and it seamlessly provides you with a record of all compliance-related activities.

If you are ready to simplify the complexities that have historically plagued compliance efforts and supply chain efficiency, we encourage you to download the white paper and learn more.

Get the White Paper and Explore M-Files for Your Manufacturing Business


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