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Get the Guide and Get Started with Manufacturing Metrics ASAP


Effective manufacturing requires precision, attention to detail, and the willingness to improve your quality wherever you can. You cannot achieve any of these goals without analyzing your metrics.

Curious which metrics really matter when it comes to manufacturing? Download the white paper, “Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter” and find out.

What Is in the “Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter” White Paper?

Many so-called “educational” materials are little more than thinly disguised sales pitches, leaving you with more questions than answers after you have read them. Here at PeopleSense, we won’t stand for that kind of nonsense – we firmly believe that when you ask for help, you should get comprehensive assistance immediately.

In keeping with that ideal, this in-depth white paper is packed with useful info you can start working with today.

The white paper provides detailed information on:

  • 10 benefits manufacturers see after tracking their metrics
  • 4 common mistakes that manufacturers make when getting started with metric tracking
  • 4 categories to focus on with your manufacturing metrics
  • 12 cross-departmental strategies to consider when crafting manufacturing KPIs
  • 99 metrics you can use to boost your manufacturing business – choose 1 or all 99

Of course, knowing the why and what behind getting started with metrics for your manufacturing plant is useful, but real success comes when you know how to use your metrics. That is why this white paper from PeopleSense continues on with:

  • 6 tips to improve data collection, presentation, and analysis; and
  • Transformational tips that help you turn your KPIs and metrics into actions

From start to finish, this is THE guide you need to improve your manufacturing business using a proven, data-driven approach.

Get Started with Manufacturing KPIs

An Aberdeen benchmark survey shows that manufacturers that reported against KPIs for 5 or more years were more likely to achieve best-in-class status than those that did not actively manage KPIs. You can begin your path to becoming a best-in-class company now.

Not sure where to start or which manufacturing KPIs to focus on? Start with the handy, in-depth guide from PeopleSense – and remember to ask for additional help as soon as you are ready.


Download the “Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter” White Paper


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