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Average an 80% Faster Engineering to Production Hand Off with CADTALK, CAD ERP Integration Software

Engineers use CAD to document and render their designs. Manufacturers use ERPs to transform those designs into revenues through materials ordering, assembly planning, and sales management. But how does CAD data, such as Bills of Material (BoMs) get into the ERP? Well, usually some unfortunate soul spends a few days manually entering and verifying that data.

CADTALK’s CAD ERP integration changes that.


Data entry is costly and causes delays. It drags down your profits. It results in embarrassing errors. And, until now, it has been unavoidable for most companies. Even the organizations lucky enough to integrate their CAD and ERP solutions are forced to deal with clunky, kludgy data-mapping systems that take a lot of oversight.

CADTALK is the modern CAD ERP integration you’ve been looking for.

CADTALK is the world’s first and only software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically transform BoMs from nearly every CAD, PDM, or PLM application into BoMs and routings in ERPs.

If your manufacturing company is looking to get newly designed goods out the door an average of 80% faster, it’s worth a few minutes to learn how CADTALK works.

How Does CADTALK Work?

Other so-called “integrations” mechanistically map data between your CAD, PDM, or PLM, and your ERP, and require you to figure out how to transform that data into action. CADTALK takes the final step because it leverages AI technology that helps you ensure accurate materials planning and production scheduling. Best of all, it does this work faster than you can (or want to).

  • Implementation & operation

After a rapid, 8-hour implementation and configuration setup, your CADTALK solution will be ready to go. It will start by translating the BoM from your CAD solution to your ERP and then it will identify the manufacturing operations, costs, and other key production data necessary to take advantage of your ERP’s planning, scheduling, and costing functions.

During this process, CADTALK will calculate run times, identify vendors, create inventory records and stock codes, and update the ERP records for items, inventory stocking locations, BoMs, routing instructions, and whatever else you would like it to update.

It will automatically generate everything you need for production including materials lists, pieces, and assembly times. Plus, as a bidirectional CAD ERP integration, it will make sure your company maintains the “single source of truth” you count on for accurate, efficient, and fast production.

And don’t worry: CADTALK’s smart functions will understand how to appropriately fit data into ERP character counts or other field limitations, and it will flag missing, critical data. You won’t need to waste your time “massaging” the data with CADTALK.

  • Runtime & approval process

CADTALK completes all this work in a few minutes (very complex BoMs may take a few hours), so all you will be responsible for is freshening up your cup of coffee and then quickly reviewing and approving CADTALK’s data.

You can, of course, edit anything you need to with easy, fast, in-line changes. CADTALK’s smart system will remember your changes and preferences going forward.

Why CAD ERP Integration Is the Right Answer

Are you already imagining the time savings your company would experience after implementing this solution? The time savings that you may personally experience? Since most CADTALK implementations recoup their ROI within the first 3 months and since CADTALK does NOT require any additional CAD or ERP user licenses, you can also imagine the cost savings that CADTALK offers.

Stop imagining those savings and start enjoying them. Contact PeopleSense to find out more about CADTALK.


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