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These 18 Metrics Help You Craft Your Personalized ROI for ERP Projects

What is the single largest investment most small to midsized businesses make? A new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The best way to maximize your spend is to calculate an accurate return on investment (ROI) for ERP.

Learn how to craft the most accurate and comprehensive ROI. Download the white paper, “ERP Project Justification: Return on Investment (ROI)” for expert tips.

What Is in the White Paper?

As you know, you must compare direct and indirect benefits and costs when you create an ROI for ERP projects. This presents the most comprehensive information for all stakeholders, including you.

Direct costs are easy enough to figure out, but you might not know all the indirect costs and benefits you face. These are difficult to guess these days, especially if you have not yet used a cloud ERP.

If you aren’t sure where to start or if you would like some pointers, the white paper from PeopleSense will help.

This handy white paper is the starting point you need to complete your ROI calculations. It includes:

  • 5 top buying & implementation costs to watch for
  • 4 ongoing operating costs that may not be on your radar
  • 4 ways to save on costs or avoid future costs with the right ERP
  • 2 leading ways an ERP helps you boost revenue for your modern business
  • 3 indirect benefits that you may have forgotten to account for

Why Calculating ROI for ERP Is So Difficult

We all know that calculating an ROI is not rocket science. In fact, it can be quite easy and quick. An accurate calculation though… that takes time and attention.

Do you see the issue here? Time and attention are the 2 top resources business leaders don’t have these days. And without a new ERP, it is guaranteed that you’ll be running low on the time it takes to search for a new ERP. All your free time is being wasted on outdated, slow, inadequate business software. This creates a difficulty.

Overcome that difficulty with this white paper. It can help you save time and safeguard your attention, starting today. Best of all, it can help you calculate your ROI for ERP with speed and accuracy, so you can move on to more pressing tasks.

Of course, if you could use more recommendations, we invite you to reach out to PeopleSense for answers.


Download the “ERP Project Justification: Return on Investment (ROI)” White Paper


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