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These Sales Tax Solutions for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® Make Tax Compliance Easy


Handling sales tax compliance work yourself? You don’t need us to tell you how time consuming and nerve racking it is to have to track taxable transactions, prepare your filing, and manage exemption certificates. Don’t even get us started on nexus!

Luckily, there are a number of solutions available that make tax compliance a breeze for SMBs by helping track state-by-state economic thresholds, calculating transaction taxation, preparing filing documents, and even automatically remitting payments for you.

Today, let’s talk about the leading sales tax solutions for Made2Manage® (M2M®) and Intuitive ERP®.

3 Key Criteria for Any Sales Tax Solution

In this article, we’ll talk about the best solutions on the market for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®, but you may wonder, “What makes these solutions the best?

Great question.

Of course, we’d like to clarify first off that these are the solutions we think are the best we’ve seen in our more than 70 years of combined experience helping clients implement and optimize their Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® software. Other consultants are likely to have their own favorites.

However, our admiration of these sales tax solutions for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® goes beyond our humble opinions because these solutions also meet the three key criteria for sales tax success in the modern business world.

1. They’re scalable

On-premises sales tax solutions typically require licensing, which can limit your business’s scalability and flexibility. The market’s leading tax solutions are cloud based and eliminate licensing fees. Instead of license-based pricing, these solutions price per tier on an annual or per-month subscription basis, which means you can scale your transactions up or down whenever you want, without having to purchase and implement new software.

2. They’re always up to date

Tax rates are the kinds of things you want to have up to date at all times because even a single day of inaccurate sales tax can cost your business big time. However, keeping your sales tax tables up to date can get tricky when you’re tracking across all 12,000 jurisdictions in our 50 states (and Canada). The market’s best solutions ensure your tax tables are always up to date, everywhere, all the time, so you can file worry-free.

3. They’re effortless to manage

There’s a reason businesses are choosing the cloud so often these days: it’s because the cloud is so very simple to manage. With cloud-based sales tax solutions for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®, you’ll always have up-to-date software, patches will be automatically installed so you can count on rock-solid stability, and you won’t have to have an in-house IT team to manage your solution for you.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about the best solutions for your needs.

Deciding Between the Leading Sales Tax Solutions for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®

If you’re using Intuitive ERP®, you’re in luck because, in our opinion, there’s only one solution that leads the market. It’s called Avalara AvaTax. Read more about it below, or just contact PeopleSense to learn more.

If you’re using M2M® manufacturing software, you have a bit more of a decision to make because there are two solutions that we consider top contenders: Avalara AvaTax and TaxJar.

Both solutions are automated and they both can prepare your filing documents for you, so it can be difficult to recognize the differences between the two products at the outset.

You can differentiate between the two by focusing on your specific needs.


Built by small business experts for small business users, TaxJar simplifies and speeds up the sales tax tracking and filing processes, so your company can focus on selling more goods without having to trudge through endless sales tax paperwork.

Choose TaxJar if you need:

  • An online portal that manages all your clients in one place
  • Easy tax prep and filing across the states where your clients are located
  • On-demand sales tax history

Avalara AvaTax

Unique in the market because it automates everything from real-time tax calculations to exemption certificate management to filing to remittance, Avalara is best suited to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses that sell online to a wide base. Avalara is so confident in their product’s ability to maintain your tax compliance that they offer guaranteed protection against audit, obsolete data, or outdated tax laws.

Choose Avalara AvaTax if you need:

  • POS, shopping cart, and ERP integration across a wide range of vendors
  • Real-time tax calculations across 12,000 tax jurisdictions
  • Exemption certificate management

There’s a Lot More to Each Solution

In an effort to keep this article quick and readable, we admit we’re cutting out a lot of information about each product. For example, TaxJar can do tax calculations, it just takes more setup time on your part. Avalara offers a small business tool aimed specifically at online sellers. Because pricing for the two products rely on transactions and covered tax jurisdictions, the numbers between the two can be pretty different, depending on your business needs and setup.

In short: to get all the information, you’ll want to get in touch with a sales tax expert.

PeopleSense Helps You Find the Sales Tax Solution That Makes Sense for Your Needs

For nearly two decades, PeopleSense has been providing trustworthy, truly useful advice that helps our clients get more out of their Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®. When it comes to sales tax solutions for M2M® and Intuitive ERP®, we know that sorting through the options can be confusing – and the wrong decision can result in costly tax audits.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry or stress about choosing the right sales tax solution. We’re here to help.


Contact the sales tax experts at PeopleSense to learn more about your options for sales tax solutions for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®. We look forward to speaking with you.