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Configure Price Quote software helps you set the price of your goods.


“Configure Price Quote” (CPQ) software takes into account a large, changing number of variables companies accurately define the price of their goods.

CPQ software empowers companies to configure products and services in the optimal manner and price them accordingly taking into account costs, competition, and local factors – and then produce a quote with consideration towards all pricing factors.

In addition, CPQ software enables companies to manage pricing, identify up sell opportunities, track competition, and communicate up-to-date pricing to salespeople – which leads to faster sales cycles, more accurate pricing, faster order preparation, streamlined workflow and fewer errors.

EosCPQ for Made2Manage® (M2M®) is a cloud-based, product configurator & Configure Price Quote software, which allows access for all your sales channels to login, configure, price and quote your products and solutions from any device, anywhere at anytime via the cloud.

Features of Cloud EosCPQ include:

  • Powerful “bottoms up” Rules Engine
  • Modern, easy to use interface for simpler data management
  • Validation options for error free quotes & orders
  • Dynamic product visualization options
  • Support for complex pricing matrices
  • Full manufacturing data support (BOM’s and Routings)
  • Flexible integrations and data migration
  • Much much more

Benefits include:

  • Sales management dashboard for all channels
  • Role based secure access for Sales, Dealers and Customers
  • Live ERP and CRM data acess
  • No costly IT management and lengthy upgrades
  • Error-free quotes and orders for the right product every time
  • Reduced sales cycle and larger volume
  • Quickly upload all your Excel data without the need of reprogramming


If you have questions about EosCPQ for Made2Manage®,

or if you’d like to see the software live, then:

Reach Out To PeopleSenseERP