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Access Your Current Business Software On the Go with Cloud Hosted Solutions


How big is your small business? Very small businesses usually don’t have time to go through the lengthy process of getting all-new software, but they’re still interested in the benefits of the cloud, such as low infrastructure costs, reliable backups, and access away from the office.

If you’re short on time or your on-premises software contains tricky customizations, we have good news for you: you can quickly and easily switch to the anytime/anywhere access of the cloud! How? Cloud hosted software.

What Is Cloud Hosted Software?

Cloud hosted software is a great middle ground between cloud-based software and on-premises software. By hosting your current business software on the cloud, you get to reduce your IT management and equipment costs, while keeping the same software you’re used to. Your software will look, feel, and act exactly the same, but it’ll finally be available for you to use on the go. You won’t be chained to your office desk anymore!

Cloud hosting tends to be the fastest and easiest way to get your business the benefits of cloud technology. Get on the cloud now with one of these three convenient cloud-hosting packages from PeopleSense:

Package 1: Hassle-Free Protection for Your Business

  • Computer and server monitoring and maintenance
  • Server updates and status monitoring
  • Regular, secure backups done for you
  • ERP system update notifications
  • 8 GB memory and 250 GB storage

Package 2: ERP Maximization, Combining Protection and Service

  • Everything in Package 1
  • White glove proactive service for added ERP efficiency
  • 16 GB memory and 350 GB storage

Package 3: The Full Plan, Including Protection, Service, Support, and Consulting

  • Everything in Package 1 & 2
  • 10 hours of PeopleSense consulting and support at a special rate for hosted clients
  • 16 GB memory and 500 GB storage

It’s Time to Streamline Your Business for Improved Operational Efficiency

Experience how easy technology can be when you and your team can access it anywhere and any time, and find out what you’ve been missing.


Free up your business. Contact the hosting experts at PeopleSense today to learn more about your ERP and HRMS cloud hosting options.