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It Is Time to Calculate Accurate Costs for Your Software Migration


Considering an ERP software migration to a system like Acumatica? You may be overlooking quite a few costs. A true calculation for your return on investment should contain more than the obvious costs – it should also include hidden costs.

Start crunching the real numbers. Download the “7 Hidden Costs of ERP” white paper to learn what costs to look for and how to plan for them in advance.

What Costs Are You Overlooking for Your Software Migration?

A good consulting firm will, of course, provide you with full quote information regarding the costs of their services. However, it is important to remember that they are not the only ones doing the work for your software migration. Your team will be doing quite a bit of work too.

Access the white paper to learn which costs you should add to your consultant’s ERP software quote, including:

  • Important labor costs
  • Future consulting costs
  • Unexpected training costs
  • Useful tips to assess SaaS costs, if this is your first SaaS ERP
  • Obvious cost categories you may not have counted yet

We Can Nearly Guarantee You Have Not Counted These Costs Yet

It is highly likely that you have not already accounted for the full cost of your ERP software migration. It takes a migration expert to think of all the obvious implementation costs, as well as the many not-so-obvious costs. Since most people rarely perform ERP migrations, it can be difficult to build up that expertise.

Do not worry. You are not alone. In our experience, even companies that just completed a software implementation are unable to list all the costs they paid because they were too busy after the go-live to track them carefully.

Fortunately, you have this information now. You are prepared to start planning now. And here is the good news: When you account for these hidden costs early, it will improve your ROI calculations for your new software system. It will also help you succeed with a more orderly, predictable, and stress-free migration. You deserve that peace of mind.


Access the “7 Hidden Costs of ERP” white paper


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