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Your ERP Implementation Is Too Important to Leave to Chance. Get the Secrets to Success Now.


Your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) likely represents the largest one-time investment your company will make. You don’t need us to tell you how important it is that you get the right ERP. But have you considered the importance of choosing the right implementation consultant for that ERP?

The right (or wrong) implementation partner can make (or break) your ERP success. Read the white paper, “Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner” and discover the secrets to choosing your perfect partner.

Top Tip: ERP Implementation Experience Is Key

Right here and now, we will state that the #1 secret to success with your implementation is this:

Choose a partner with extensive implementation experience, both with your ERP and in your industry.

We cannot stress this enough. First and foremost, your implementation consultants and their firm must have a lot of experience. Every business is different, every system is different, every setup is different – and ERPs are notoriously difficult to set up properly. You need a team of seasoned professionals with a proven process and the know-how to problem-solve on the fly.

Once you know your partner is experienced, you can focus on the more subtle details. These not-so-little considerations are the secrets that will boost your implementation’s success.

“Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner” explains these key considerations and helps you understand:  

  • 4 top factors to balance during your search for an implementation partner
  • 2 big red flags to watch out for
  • What you need to get in writing from your consultant before you sign a contract
  • The little-known interviewing trick that most companies forget about
  • How to balance the trade-offs and benefits of big vs. small consulting firms

Get the Cheat Sheet and Know How to Choose Your Implementation Partner

It takes time and careful attention to choose the right implementation partner for your new ERP, but the work you put in really pays off.

Take a few minutes now and get the cheat sheet PeopleSense is providing for free. In just a few clicks, you will have the secrets you need so you know how to choose the right partner.


Download the “Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner” White Paper


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