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Enjoy Cloud Hosting, Support, and Maintenance from Mindsight and PeopleSense


Like most business leaders, you’re probably considering a move to the cloud right now. Perhaps you have a few supporting applications on the cloud already — mostly sales tools — and you prefer the way cloud solutions work securely, without requiring maintenance on your end.

But you’re invested in your on-premises Made2Manage® (M2M®) or Intuitive ERP®, or your Sage HRMS, and you don’t want the cost, hassle, or delay that migrating to a new cloud solution can bring.

Now, finally, there’s a way to get the best of both worlds: cloud application hosting and managed services from Mindsight and PeopleSense.

What Is Cloud Application Hosting?

Cloud application hosting brings your on-premises solutions to the cloud in the easiest way possible. When you choose to host your ERP (Intuitive ERP®, Made2Manage®, or Encompix) or your Sage HRMS with Mindsight and PeopleSense, you’ll have the freedom to run your on-premises applications your way, with your add-ons and customizations fully intact, but you won’t have to waste your time on server maintenance, storage allocation, or even ERP / HRMS application updates.

All of that will be handled for you by the expert teams of Mindsight and PeopleSense, right here in the Chicago area.

Imagine (finally!) being able to run your business-critical software without having to also be an IT expert. You’ll have the ability to focus back on what you really are: a manufacturer.

What Are Managed Services?

The software updates and server management of application hosting keep your systems running smoothly, but performance is only one half of the IT equation. Security is the other half.

Managed services from Mindsight give you peace of mind because you know that one of the largest teams of expert-level engineers in Chicago, with the highest ratio of engineers to clients, is taking care of your:

  • Backups
  • Patching
  • Maintenance
  • Disaster recovery

Manufacturers particularly appreciate the blend of application hosting and managed services because they can trust that their systems will run smoothly and stay up to date with critical security patches and maintenance at all times, effortlessly.

In other words, with application hosting and managed services from PeopleSense and Mindsight, manufacturers’ business-critical applications work securely, without requiring maintenance on your end. That’s pretty convenient.


Get cloud convenience without the hassle of migrating. Contact PeopleSense to learn more about how Mindsight can help you run and maintain your ERP and HRMS with ease.