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Get Great Data from Your Intuitive ERP® – No Custom Programming Experience Required!


At PeopleSense, we love Intuitive ERP®, so we were surprised when our customers called us with a complaint: they loved their system, but they hated spending time on reporting.

We’re passionate about keeping our customers happy, so we used our 30 years of combined development experience to find the perfect solution: hand-tailored custom programming, only for the Intuitive ERP®.

Read on to find out how flexible your manufacturing system can be – and remember, the sky’s the limit. If your work day is being slowed down by something that’s not listed here, we can develop a custom solution just for you. There’s no project too large or too small.

Get Better Drill Down
Some of our clients requested enhanced visibility into their numbers, whether they were looking at their financials or other data. To help, the experts here at PeopleSense created custom programs that transformed ad hoc queries to the new Intuitive ERP® version, and also added many on-screen drill-down options for fast data access.

Auto-Fill Your Spreadsheets
For our clients who wanted to build better, faster reports, we created a way to slice and dice system data quickly and easily: stress-free exports. This custom programming option rounds up important info from inside your system and brings it out instantly – with no data entry required from you!

In addition, this customization can also be modified to “push” data back into your system from spreadsheets. (Note: there are rules for this functionality so we can keep your system secure.)

Ensure Accurate Data
When a few of our clients called us up with questions about data corruption, we were perplexed. After all, Intuitive ERP® is known for making data more accessible, safer, and easier to read for everyone by providing improved visibility across an organization.

After spending some time scratching our heads, we figured out that the problem was coming from data-entry errors. We set to work creating custom programming that would prevent this from happening again, and we made sure the solution also created time savings so our clients’ operations are more efficient.

There’s So Much More
The options above are only a small sample of what you can customize in your Intuitive ERP®. No matter your customization needs, PeopleSense are always ready to help you.


Got questions or need a quote? Please contact our custom programming team.