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Are You the “ERP Champion” at Your Company? This White Paper Holds the Guidance You Need to Succeed with ERP Project Management.

The most exciting ERP implementation stories are the ones where everything went terribly, horribly wrong. Your company doesn’t want an “exciting” ERP story, and you don’t want anything to do with a trainwreck like that. So, how can you plan on success?

You already know that selecting the right ERP implementation partner is a big part of the equation for a smooth and uneventful ERP project, but you probably don’t about the other half of the equation. Today, we’re sharing tips for success from the real heroes behind ERP project success: those quiet, modest “ERP champions” who volunteer their ERP project management skills to ensure that their company enjoys a calm, effective, successful implementation.

Keep your ERP project on track for success. Learn top tips from 3 outstanding ERP champions when you download the white paper, “Why Every ERP Project Needs a Champion.”

Get the ERP Project Management Help You Need During the “Middle Stage” of Your Project

Most white papers are set up as informational content and they’re a great way for you to cram knowledge about an upcoming work task. Once you’re in the thick of that task, though, those types of white papers can’t offer much help. This white paper does.

The white paper, “Why Every ERP Project Needs a Champion,” gets you the help you need during the painful “middle stage” of your software implementation.

Do you feel like you’re trudging through the vast, uncharted, endless expanse that lies between your ERP project’s starting point and its eventual, successful conclusion? Check out the white paper for support, guidance, and understanding from people just like you who have “been there, done that.”

Since the ERP champions interviewed in this white paper led smooth, effective ERP implementation projects that weren’t exciting, they’re not often asked to tell their stories. However, in this unprecedented peek inside their processes, they’re sharing their top tips to help you ensure your own ERP project management success.

After reading the white paper, you will know the answers to:

  • What’s the first order of business to take care of in an implementation?
  • Who should choose the system during the selection process?
  • What is an “ERP champion’s” true role, and what is their main task?
  • What is the biggest challenge a champion faces?
  • What is the key to success when it comes to ERP project management?
  • Who should contribute the most time to an ERP implementation project?

You will also learn what to expect during the selection phase and several key requirements for success in the implementation phase.

What Will Your ERP Story Be?

We all know that an ERP project is never truly finished because a good ERP changes and evolves with your company. However, there is a point at which your job as an “ERP champion” will finally be finished. That’s the point at which you can stop, rest, relax, take some time off, and congratulate yourself for a job very well done.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a chance to share your story about the blessedly unexciting time that you became your company’s champion through your tried-and-tested ERP project management skills.

Download “Why Every ERP Project Needs a Champion”


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