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Made2Manage® is a full “from quote to cash” (Q2C) system.


Being a full Q2C Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is wonderful, I’m sure, but this statement leads to questions.

What does “from quote to cash” mean?

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

Quote-to-Cash (or QTC or Q2C) is an information technology term for the integration and automated management of end-to-end business processes on the sell side:

  • Pricing
  • Quote creation for a prospect or customer, and negotiation
  • Contract and order management
  • Invoicing
  • Payment receipt

How does this quote-to-cash definition relate to you?

Quote-to-Cash simply means that the Made2Manage® (M2M®) manufacturing software keeps all your business data in one database, so you don’t have separate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Production Management and ERP systems that you have to continually import/export data to/from or do double entry into.

Why should quote-to-cash matter to you?

By integrating your production processes into one database, you are able to automate all of your manufacturing processes and streamline operations – all while increasing responsiveness to your customers.

Here’s an example.

A potential customer calls into your sales team with questions. Your sales team enters them into the M2M® manufacturing software as a prospect.

Your team generates quotes and proposals. Eventually a sale is made and the quote is converted into a sales order and the prospect is promoted to a customer.

In the meantime, work orders are generated, machines are scheduled, production happens and the order is shipped and invoiced.

When the new customer pays the invoice, accounts receivable and cash are adjusted appropriately.

Along the way, the general ledger is updated at every step so your books are always in order.

In addition, your team has full visibility into the entire process, so when the customer calls with questions, you’re ready with answers.

All within a single system.

And, that is why when you’re looking for a new ERP system you should be considering options that are truly “from quote to cash” solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about Q2C ERP systems or just have questions about the Made2Manage® then please reach out!

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