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On Demand Manufacturers Deserve Dynamic Business Management Software


Manufacturing has returned to some Old World, pre-industrial traditions in its adoption of 21st century technology. More small and mid-sized companies are able to keep overhead low and customize product, creating customer loyalty and developing long-term relationships by embracing the to-order lean manufacturing model. Made-to-Order, Engineered-to-Order, Configured-to-Order—all begin the relevant processes after an order is placed or a prospect is converted to a bonafide customer.

There are many benefits to these methodologies. You may have chosen one of these methods of manufacturing because you had limited capital with which to start or operate your business. Or you saw the advantage in winning investment in your business; risk is low, you tell your potential funders.

The choice to delay production or configuration until a customer’s order is received affects shop floor scheduling, supplies you keep on hand, dependencies on suppliers, fulfillment turnaround times, supply replenishment relationships, etc. Because these factors look different in made-to-order companies, it makes sense that the ERP solution used as the common core of purchasing, parts inventory, shipping and receiving, accounts payable and financials should be different, too—made to the specifications of a lean manufacturer.

Made2Manage® (M2M®) manufacturing software offers enterprise resource planning and shop floor scheduling developed over 30 years with input from more than 1,500 to-order manufacturing companies and it has “future-proof” technology–.NET, SOA, n-tier architecture that prevents the solution from becoming obsolete.

With Made2Manage® you can:

  • Plan using constraints that apply to your business and “what if” scenarios you may actually encounter
  • Schedule production with confidence so you may set delivery dates with confidence, too
  • View operations through actual project execution
  • Make changes to production in near real-time

To meet the to-order motive of optimizing procurement, production planning and scheduling, shop floor management, product design and configuration, you need ERP that fundamentally understands your objectives.


To ask questions about Made2Manage® or learn how PeopleSense supports to-order manufacturers, call us at 602.281.5702 or email