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Access Your Easy Guide for a
Successful ERP Implementation Process


But we’ve all heard the stories in which improper processes have created more problems and headaches than there were to begin with.

Set yourself up for ERP success with expert tips, plus steps on how to seamlessly navigate the implementation process. Download the white paper from PeopleSense.

Understand the ERP Implementation Process from Beginning to End

You’re busy. That’s why your business deserves to manage your ERP transition with as little difficulty and as few obstacles as possible.

With this goal in mind, the white paper presented by PeopleSense offers a clear, easy-to-understand 5-step process. Starting with the initial question of “Why do I need an ERP?” it brings you all the way through the entire process, including post-implementation strategies for continued success.

The authors of this in-depth white paper have organized their decades of real-world knowledge based on hundreds of actual ERP implementations that they have witnessed and participated in.

In this white paper you will discover:

  • How your reasons for wanting an ERP compare with those of your peers
  • What benefits to look for in your modern ERP
  • How to build your “Dream Team” to ensure ERP selection and implementation success
  • Why it is crucial to document your system “as is” and establish a baseline for ERP performance
  • Top sources your team can use to build their ERP knowledge base
  • 4 ways to prioritize your ERP needs – and avoid common pitfalls
  • How to narrow the field and find the ERPs that fit your tier and vertical
  • What to expect from vendors and resellers in the ERP selection process
  • 7 tips for a successful ERP implementation process
  • 3 ways you can grow your ERP as your business needs evolve

Since your ERP selection and implementation process is so important, it’s critical that you rely on real-world, proven advice. To successfully navigate this high-stakes process, your business requires the insider knowledge that can only come from experts with multiple decades of working in the industry.

This white paper delivers the solid, detailed steps you need to succeed, from the experts who know.


Download the “Navigating ERP Selection and Implementation: A 5-Step Process,” white paper from PeopleSense


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