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Learn the True Costs, ROI, Benefits, and Risks in This Free Report on M-Files

By this point, you have heard about M-Files document management software. Companies like yours use it to improve workflows, facilitate collaboration, eliminate inefficiencies, and automate processes. You may be considering purchasing it for your company, so you can finally deal with those lost or hard-to-find files. You hear it can also help with out-of-control document duplicates and help make sure you are maintaining compliance for sensitive information.

But is the software worth buying? Find out. Discover the real-life benefits, ROI, costs, and risks for companies like yours. Download this free, in-depth analyst report now.

Get All the Facts, Without the Hype

Modern, sophisticated sales materials make it difficult to cut through the hype about a product. To be honest, buying software can be exhausting. Fortunately, The Total Economic Impact of M-Files” is THE in-depth cost-benefit report without hype. Published by the trusted, third-party analysts at Forrester, it will get you the facts you need to know, instantly.

Access the Forrester report for key information about:

  • Actual implementation & subscription costs
  • Predicted ongoing maintenance costs
  • Whether the software truly improves productivity & compliance
  • How long a “smooth” implementation takes
  • Which benefit predicted a $1.6 million cost savings over 3 years

How to Tailor the Report Findings to Your Precise Needs

Of course, there is a catch.

To complete this report, Forrester interviewed 5 decision-makers who have used M-Files and then aggregated the interviewees’ experiences into a composite company with one averaged experience. The composite organization they created is a midsized corporation with $750 million in annual revenue and 500 employees.

This may not describe your company.

Luckily, the Forrester report makes it easy to recalculate the data to match your business specifics.

When you read the report, you will find:

  • Where to adjust Forrester’s numbers, so you can account for your precise situation
  • Easy to follow, complete formulas you can use to plug in your numbers for tailored ROI calculations
  • Clear explanations behind the assumptions Forrester made, so you can fine-tune the results for your data

Is M-Files Right for You?

Obviously, you cannot simply apply a “try it and see” approach with critical business software that touches every person at your organization. However, it can be difficult to run accurate cost-benefit scenarios based on sales materials alone.

At PeopleSense, we always want you to be fully informed about the software you are considering, which is why we have presented this Forrester report for you to use, for free. It really does dig into the numbers, the benefits, and real-live use cases for M-Files document management software, and we highly recommend you download it and read it carefully. Of course, if you have questions, simply reach out.

Download the “Total Economic Impact” report from Forrester


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