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How to Focus on the Foundations When Starting an eCommerce Business

Considering starting an eCommerce business? Before you can move your sales online and start earning eCommerce business revenues, you must take the time to carefully plan your strategy. Much like building a house, setting up your business’s online “home” requires that you have a solid, functional foundation. One that’s strong enough to handle your needs now and into the future.

Discover which steps to follow – and in which order – so you can build a strong, lasting foundation for your eCommerce operations. Download the resource from PeopleSense, “eCommerce: Integrating Your Front and Back Office.”

Discover What You Need to Know When Starting an eCommerce Business

Setting up an online store is easier than ever these days, but that doesn’t mean it is a walk in the park. Your company’s investment will be considerable when it comes to the time and costs spent on unfamiliar tasks, such as purchasing and maintaining a website, setting up an online catalog, and managing the complexities of out-of-state sales.

With the resource, “eCommerce: Integrating Your Front and Back Office,” you will learn the step-by-step process for the initial setup in starting an eCommerce business.

This resource includes:

  • 5 key areas to consider when starting your eCommerce operations, from store design to driving repeat sales
  • 28 critical tasks you must accomplish during setup, go-live, and on your initial sales
  • A handy list you can use to assign tasks to your team or drive status conversations with your web developer
  • Food for thought that helps you start mulling over your needs now, so you’re better prepared for your eCommerce project kick-off
  • Recommendations on how you can expand your business, so you can start thinking about future growth now

Learn How to Integrate Your Front and Back Office

In addition to helping you plan your online store through step-by-step tasks, “eCommerce: Integrating Your Front and Back Office” assists in – you guessed it – integrating your front and back office. This is extremely important information to keep in mind.

Often, when starting an eCommerce business, leaders get so caught up in the customer experience and the bells and whistles of the online store that they forget to set up crucial back-office functions that streamline operations. Of course, supporting a new revenue stream is difficult but if your staff starts scrambling to maintain stock levels, manually enter customer orders, and track down useful insight across spreadsheets… well, your business may have transformed a difficult task into an impossible one.

Plan for Success with Your New Online Store

You need to set yourself up for success from the very beginning. Learn how to strategically build the rock-solid foundation your business’s online “home” deserves.

Download the resource from PeopleSense, so you can start your online business the right way.  When you’re ready, ask us how Acumatica Retail Commerce Management Edition can help.

Download the “eCommerce: Integrating Your Front and Back Office” resource


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